Monday, 10 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 8 - Oscar and Sluggan Bridge

Hello all, Rosie here.....

Today was a lazy day - and there turned out to be good reason.

We had the usual morning, a walk with TJ (he swore more than usual as Abi insisted on sniffing every blade of grass down by the loch), breakfast and then a nice kip whilst TJ did nothing and SJ put her face on.

Normally we go out for a nice long walk late morning, but not today. TJ kept leaving the cottage with bags of clothes that were dry and when he came back they were wet. Jack reckoned he must have been throwing them in the loch for some reason. We did notice that the clothes smelt nicer when they came back (especially TJ's undercrackers) than they did when they left.

Then we all had a nice surprise. Oscar the boxer turned up!!!!! SJ's parents (EB and DJ) had arrived and they are spending a week at an apartment down the road in Aviemore. We all had a good sniff of Oscar's todger and agreed that by the stench that it was definitely him. He was pleased to see us. And even Jack didn't try and bite one of his ears off!

We all went for a walk down to Sluggan Bridge. TJ came out with another yawn fact - a sluggan is a gullet (or gulley). Oscar and me were allowed off the lead. We had a good run around. And Oscar played in the shallow river.

We walked back up the hill to the car and went back to the chalet for dinner.

The clothes that were wet had dried after being strewn around the conservatory. SJ inspected a pair of TJ's undercrackers:

'Put them on a hot wash next time dear' she said, 'at least 90 degrees'.

I wonder what she meant by that.

Rosie. X.

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